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Personal information is collected and protected from disclosure and use of third party. Personal data is always being handled with a great care and its disclosure is voluntary. Exceptions are only product and / or service implementation, the transport of goods where it is necessary to indicate the basic personal data to deliver the ordered goods and / or service. Provided personal information when ordering products and / or services is solely for our internal use and serve only to the successful execution of your requirements. Upon completion of the order data are archived and are used for accounting and statistical purposes. Upon user's request, all personal data may be removed at the company database. It is agreed by user and site owner that all personal data provided may be used for marketing activities, for the purpose of online, postal or telephone communications during transmission of orders. Binding confirmation of the order user signing up agrees to the processing of all provided personal data within the above-mentioned range.

EU Cookie Law & Cookies use policy

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Shortly explained

We use cookies to better your experience on this site and make our services more intuitive and easier. You can always turn cookies in your browser. Mostly cookies help us with google analitycs tool, which help us to make this site and included services to make it more efficient for you - the site users.

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To find out more about cookie law, we recommend to follow this link: http://www.cookielaw.org/the-cookie-law/

Read more on how we can use cookies thanks to google: https://www.google.com/intl/en-GB/policies/technologies/cookies/