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These terms and conditions govern the usage of this website by visitors and users (hereinafter referred to as 'visitors').

By entering the company website visitor agrees to the terms of use. If you as the visitor does not agree with these web site terms and conditions, please, leave this website and further do not use it! By continuing usage of services provided by these pages all visitors agree with all terms and conditions.

The content and structure of the website is intended only for personal use by visitors (for reading and browsing). Even though, we are doing our best to provide up to date and reliable content for our visitors, content on this website may not be correct, complete or current. Sources used in the creation of content may not be necessarily reliable, or there may be doubts about their reliability. The company is not responsible for accuracy and completeness of the information and data contained on this site. Any information available on this site cannot be considered tax, legal or investment advice provided by the site owner to visitors. Moreover, any of the provided information, tests and opinions here presented by the site owner, administrator, blog authors, affiliates, other visitors and / or third parties to visitors can be considered NO warranty or claim that it would be possible to profit or to limit potential loss based on usage of such information. Author and owner of this website as well as all other users shall not be liable for any losses caused by the use of the information produced, published or further disseminated on the website

The website content may include investment research, financial analysis or other forms of General recommendations, on which the websites visitors is not entitled to follow and use the information and conclusions produced to trade on their own account or the account of others or for the purposes of own or others' financial gain.

While visiting this site providing investment research, financial analysis or other forms of general recommendation, visitors recognizes that:

  • Information provided does not have to be necessarily accurate or complete and are subject to change
  • Information can expire anytime, thus, become inaccurate
  • Information may contain interpretations, estimates, opinions or other specific information that may not contain facts from reliable sources
  • Information source may be unreliable or there may be doubts about the reliability of information provided
  • Information and presented conclusion can be based on the past performance of financial instruments and these are not a reliable source of predictions of the future market development, and the development of particular financial instrument
  • Information published by third parties such as brokers, news providers, affiliates and all other visitors are their sole responsibility and site owner neither takes any direct or indirect responsibility nor is liable for any loss or harm caused by such information.

Company activities

  • the site offers introducer brokerage services in terms of online LIVE and DEMO trading account opening according to the rules of introducer brokerage (IB)
  • moreover, this site reproduces, or publishes third party financial information sources such as real time news and analysis streamed from third parties upon agreementS
  • we provide forex school services and series of own trading materials in forms of articles and e-books and videos
  • lastly, we are distributor of professional automated forex trading tools, which we fully support in form of regular seminars, webinars and direct support on contact site.S
  • all services are being offered and delivered online or directly from the Company headquarters via fully authorized and licensed managers.
  • provided referral program serves as purely as referring tool to attract visitors to our site, where the Company as licensed IB provider handles whole visitor registration process and if needed also trading account opening.
  • CashBackFOREBrokers.com services are NOT solicited to US customers.

Privacy Policy

  • All personal data is processed, stored and protection only after the visitor gives his/her explicit consent to the personal data storing and processing by filling the registration Sign up form on this website.
  • If such consent is granted, the company may contact registered visitors via e-mail, skype, phone or other preferred form if requested by a visitor.
  • In case you were contacted by a member of our staff or a person who claims to be our employee or a member staff by any mean other than our official website services, please contact us straight away directly and do not react to such offers.
  • Find more information on privacy policy here .

Risk Warning

There is never enough warnings as trading is very risky!

Capital markets trading, i.e. forex, futures, binary options instruments etc. carry very high risk of potential losses. Especially, when an investor trades on margin using leverage. Please, mind, the higher leverage is used, the higher risk should be expected by a trader.

By using this site, every visitor agrees that site owner is not liable for any damage or loss caused by the use of these sites and their content, even in time of limited or full unavailability of the website. Furthermore, the company is not responsible for the websites' content of third parties whose active links can be found on this website. Also, we are not responsible for the websites of third parties referring to the www.cashbackforexbrokers.com website. Lastly, the company is neither responsible for the correctness, completeness and timeliness of the website content, nor for any losses resulting from the use of investment research, financial analysis or other forms of general recommendations, published herein.

The site owner reserves the right to change or delete the contents available on these pages anytime. These Web Site Terms of use are subject to change without notice.

Rebates payments policy

  • Rebates are being paid on monthly basis, at 10th day of the month for the previous trading calendar month.
  • Rebates are being paid only to registered users for their own trades and trades of their referrals registered with Forex Brokers contracted by the company and published on this web site.
  • Rebates are paid only to users, who set their functional payment option in the user profile area.
  • Rebates are paid by the Company based on these terms of use and based on the Referral Program details on this page[1]
  • Rebates are not paid if you set wrong or no payment option.
  • Rebates are not paid if a broker refuses to pay us rebate for your trades or your referrals' trades, for any reason.
  • It is our best interest to always collect payments from all contracted Forex Brokers. Though, in case we fail to do so for any reason, by using this website, all users accept to make no action against the company, site owner and/or affiliates.
  • CashBackFOREXBrokers.com and its owners, affiliates or other thrid party participants included on this website can in no mean be liable to any site user; furthermore, by using this website, every user explicitly agrees to hold no claims whatsoever against site owner, affiliates or other third party participants.
  • Rebates rates can change anytime. Actual rates are always available and updated on this web site.